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Internet world is growing rapidly and it is good that you have made your mind to go one step ahead of a normal Internet users, good to know that you are planning to help people surfing the web with your knowledge via blogging. Thumbs up! Well, many new blogs/websites are knocking the doors of virtual world of web.

The first thing that you require to have your own blog, is the domain name. For those unfamiliar with it, Domain Name is the name that you enter in your browser’s address bar to access that particular website.

You know this is the first requirement in blogging, and the poor thing is that it is very tough. Many blogs/websites are already running and have used the domains that you might be desiring to get for your blog.

blog name generator

Well, if we go with the suggestions of big players in blogging, then the domain name of blog should contain the blog’s targeted keyword in it.

This is again, not an easy task as not only that keyword, but the names that are obtained by adding suffixes and prefixes to that keyword, are also most likely to be already reserved. Anyways, thanks to the blog name generators which make the task simple. Let’s have a look at the best blog name generator.

1. BustaName 


Get the domain name suggestions by entering the keyword, refine the
search results based on extension. The best part about this domain name
suggestion tool is that once you are done with the selection of domain,
you can register it right away on least possible price. <BustaName>

2. NameBoy


This is what I use to get domain name suggestion for my new blogs. The tool is simple to use. Just provide the details like Primary and Secondary keyword. and click on search. It will come with cool blog name ideas. You can refine your search by allowing the characters like hyphens in your domain name. This is simple and fast, and chances are high that you will get your favorite one from the list of suggested domains.<NameBoy>

3. NameTumbler


This one has better options to refine your search, which makes the process easy and fast. Just enter your targeted keyword and set the other options before making your search. Hit Enter and get Creative blog name ideas. You can also get the domain name suggestions restricted to only one particular extension.


4. NameStation


Another domain name suggester with same concept. The reason why it makes a spot in this list is its simple user interface. The tool is simple to use. Just enter the keyword or topic of your blog, and let this online tool work for you. Simple as 1-2-3. <Namestation>

5. DomainTools


DomainTools has got many tools to work with the websites/blogs. You can search the owner records of any blog, can go to marketplace to buy a domain and many other things. One of their online tools is Domain Name Suggestion Tool. Use it to get suggestions regarding your new blog names. Once you get a creative name, register it within the site itself. <DomainTools>

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