Extra Google Gmail Talk Emoticons

Gmail EmoticonsGmail does not require and introduction. The email service from search engine giant Google is undoubtedly the best of all. You can stay connected with your contacts via chat or by sending emails. There are many people who use Gmail daily.

If you have ever chatted with your friend on Gmail, then you might be aware from the emoticons. Well, the emoticons are used in almost every kind of online chat, whether being at any minor site or at big services like Facebook and Skype.

Those who are not familiar with Emoticons, these are little graphical images that are coded behind the particular set of special characters. When you key in that characters in that set, you get an emoticon. If you take a look at the emoticon formed with focus, then you will find that the emoticon resembles with your characters’ set.

Talking about their use, the emoticons are used to show the emotions or say mood to user sitting at next end. Of course, the words can do this task, but not with that goodness, that the emoticons can. For example, if you are Sad, just send the related emoticon, to make your friend, whom you are chatting with, aware from the your mood. Simple!!

You can use the emoticons in Gmail chat either by entering the character set and that also in that particular order or you can also click at the blue smiley-face button at the right of the text-entry field. A pop-up comes there where you can select any emoticon set.

Most users prefer to go with the codes. No need to remember all codes, but of the emoticons that are used mostly. You can find out the codes to key the emoticons in Gmail Chat from the link given below.

Gmail Chat Emoticons

Also, There are many extra Hidden Gmail emoticons you can read about those Google emotions from official gmail blog.

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So start using emoticons in your Gmail chat straight away

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