How to Increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blog Quickly

If you own a blog/website then you must be aware from Alexa. It is an online service by shopping giant Amazon which ranks the websites based on their popularity. For example, the most popular site on the earth is having Alexa Rank of 1.

 Many people call Alexa Ranking as fake system and I also do agree with them. In fact, Alexa is somewhat sensible for the sites having rank below 50k. The ranking system is near to accurate for sites below 10k Alexa Ranking, and is accurate for top-notch websites with Alexa ranking of less than 1k.

 Whether the system is not good or good, one cannot neglect its importance. This is how most advertisers and users judge the quality of any blog. Therefore as a blog/website owner, you must work on taking your Alexa rank lower so that advertisers can show their interest in it. Here is the list of best tips that you can use to increase Alexa ranking.

increase alexa ranking fast


Install Alexa Toolbar

The first and foremost, and you might have seen it many a times as the best tip to increase Alexa ranking . I myself have tried this and really works. The task is simple, just install Alexa toolbar in your browser and that’s it. Whenever you open your site from a browser with Alexa Toolbar in it, every impression of yours get counted as unique and thus your Alexa ranking
becomes better.

Install Alexa Widget

The Widget is nothing, but shows your Alexa ranking to your blog/website’s visitors by getting displayed on your homepage. This also sends your own visits as unique visits to Alexa tracking system and thus your Alexa rank boosts.

Write a Review on Alexa

Alexa keeps track of websites’ reputation through their review system. This is where any person can leave review of your blog. Just ask your friends to take 2 minutes to write a review of your blog on Alexa. Just tell them to be genuine as 5-star rating from all the reviewers does not look like genuine work.

Write about Alexa and Praise their service

After all, Alexa is also a website. It is supported by revenue coming from the ads on it. Alexa wants maximum visits on it so that it can make more and more bucks. If you help them in this cause, then chances are high that the folks at Alexa will think good for you, will do good for you.

Update Blog Daily

Last but not least, and also something out of the Alexa’s system, but related with that indirectly. You should update your blog daily. If you do it, then it does not matter you get traffic or not, Alexa will show positive results for you. You can expect a good rank of 2 -3 lac without even a single visitor on your site. This is why people call it as fake. But again saying strongly, don’t underestimate it.

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