Zbigz : Premium Service to Download torrent files with IDM

Internet is an open source where you can get knowledge about any topic, and can download your favorite games, music, software, movies. If the sites such as ‘Wikipedia’ make the former possible, then the latter is made possible by Bit-torrent network which is peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Almost all content is available as torrent on the web.

If you also use to download your favorite stuff as torrent, then ‘zbigz‘ is the service meant for you. The site coverts the torrent link into a downloadable link which you can then paste in any of download manager; can download the torrent file as regular file.

Well, you might be thinking that there are software meant for this purpose, then why to use this service? The best answer for this is ‘convenient’. Just log on to the site, paste the torrent file’s URL and you are done. As simple as 1-2-3.  Another good part about this service is that you can download the torrent files anonymously. The download is performed via zbigz, so you are kept hidden.

You can download without worrying about any virus or other security issues in the torrent files. Apart from that, you can stream the media files while their downloading process. So no need to wait for the downloading to get completed. Remote Download saves your file in zbigz, so you need not to keep your PC ON to download the file.

You can use this site as guest or can also register a free account with which you get your own personal profile on site. Premium users get bunch of new features like unlimited downloads, unlimited maximum size of torrent, unlimited no. of parallel downloads etc. You can find out more about features here.

Give this service a try right away and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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