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It’s not any hidden fact that SMSing is the best way of communication nowadays. The competition between the mobile service providers is at its best, but still, the prices are not that low that you can send messages without any worry.

Well, it is the problem with you only, not with me. No, it is boon by my mobile service provider, but is by the site named 160by2.

Those who are not familiar with the site, it lets  you send free SMS to any mobile number anywhere in India. If you live in India, then you cannot find any better service than this.

The website has around 14 million active users, and holds the proud tag of fastest SMS delivery to any mobile in India. With its good features, the site competes well with Way2SMS, the fastest growing online SMS sending portal.

160by2.com is absolutely free to use, and if you want to use the service, then you need to be its registered user.

160by2 login sms

Creating Account on 160by2

•    The sign up page lies at the homepage of 160by2 itself. So you will not face any difficulty in finding it. You can click this link for heading over to the sign up page directly.
•    Just fill out the sign up page that asks you some basic information, like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID etc. Just fill it out.
•    After filling out the details, click on ‘Register‘. Verify your Email ID and Mobile Number, and you are done with the registration.

Signing in into 160by2

•    Head over the homepage of the website. Click here to do so.
•    You will see a box (Second one) asking you your login credentials.
•    Just enter it and click on ‘Login‘.
•    That’s it. You will taken to your account in no time.

From here, you can send free SMS to any mobile number in India. Don’t forget, there is character limit of 140 characters, which is quite good.

So register at 160by2 right away, and start using it. Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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