Best Custom Robots Header Tags Setting in blogger

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platform for newbie. Even, many popular blogs are hosted on blogger. We have been using blogger hosting for some blogs. Also, we have written tutorial on moving blog from wordpress to blogger. WordPress was supposed to be a best blogging platform because of SEO features.

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But now time has changed, blogger has added a lot of new Seo features like custom robot.text, custom header tag, meta tag, custom link structure and many more. So, We have decided to cover up all SEO features setting on Blogger. Today’s post is on Best Custom Robots Header Tags Setting in blogger which is helpful to get better ranking on search engines.

Manage Custom Robot Header Tags in Blogger

header tag setting
  • From blogger dashboard select ‘setting‘ option and click the ‘Search Preferences‘.
  • Now click ‘edit‘ from Custom robots header tags and enable it to use. Now you can change all options according to your requirement.

We have made best structure of custom robots header tags for better seo. Look at below image for setting.

From below image you can check meaning of every tags and make changes as per your requirement.

So, This was all about Custom robots header tags setting on blogger. Let us know, if you have any doubts regarding this article.

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