How to Edit and Customize Your Blogger Template

When I was new to blogger, I don’t know anything about blogger features. I always wondered, how we could add different widgets and change layout of blogger templates. But now situation is different, I know all blogger features. So, I have decided to write on how to edit and customize blogger Templates for newbie bloggers.


Blogger Layout is also part of template customization. From different options, simple select layout. In layout section, you can add widgets like popular posts, Adsense ads, social share, Google plus followers etc. You can arrange position of different ads. Also, you can add logo for your blog.

blogger layout

Edit Blogger Template

To add advanced features like adsense ads below title, related post widget, floating social bar; you need to play with template codes. Before making any changes, I highly advice you to make full backup of your template.

blogger template edit

To edit template, simply click the ‘template‘ and open ‘Edit Html‘. Recently blogger added a new template editor which has many attractive features. Here, you could edit the blogger template code.

 Customize Your Blogger Template

Now lets move on to template customization, here you can change look of your template stuffs. To start customization, simply click the ‘Customize‘ and move on the blogger template designer page. Template designer has five parts, I will explain you step by step how to use them.

template customization


In this section, you can choose different templates for your blog. Blogger has different category of templates like dynamic views, simple, picture window and awesome Inc.  Choose any of template from different category for your blog.

blogger template background


Here, you can choose background and color scheme for your blogger templates. Blogger already have lot of cool backgrounds, but you could also add own background for your templates.

blogger template width

Adjust Width

Here you can change entire width and sidebar width for your blogger template. Around 1,000px is supposed to be an ideal template width.

template layout blogger


In this section, you can change body layout and footer layout of your template. See above image to choose different layouts.


Advanced section is most important section of blogger template designer. Here, you can choose different styles and colors for template parts. For example: You could select header background color, tab text color, font size, font type, gadgets colors and many more. You have to look at every functions carefully to understand them.

So, This was simple post for newbie blogger. Hope, you enjoyed the articles and let us know if you have any problem regarding blogger template customization. 

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