Extra Hidden Facebook Smileys / Emoticons

The social networking giant Facebook is the best way of communication nowadays. The social networking site boasts many amazing features, the features that keep the users glued to it for several hours continuously. Well, the Facebook is not a social networking website, but is an addiction, coming out from where is near to impossible.

Those who are on the Facebook for quite some time, must be familiar that one can enhance one’s experience on the site by using smileys and emoticons. Oh! So you don’t know what smileys and emoticons are?

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What are Smileys ? 

Smileys are graphical images, usually of small size, that are formed by the combination of characters. The shape formed by combination of characters used always resemble the shape of smiley that is formed. The smileys have been part of the web since a long time. They are commonly used in chat rooms. Facebook chat also supports the use of smileys.

What are Emoticons ?

The emoticons are also graphical images, and like the smileys, these are also formed by combination of characters, but the emoticon does not resemble with the shape of combination of characters that is used to form that particular emoticon.

Extra Hidden Facebook Smileys 

While chatting with your friend on Facebook, you might have seen a smiley face that lies at the left side bottom of the chat window. If you click on it, then Facebook opens a small box for you. This small box contains many more smileys, which you can use in your chat.

These are the smileys that Facebook allows you to use itself. But there are many more smileys that are not listed in this box of smileys. Using such smileys is the best way to impress your friend during chat, as the easily available smileys, which the smiley box in Facebook shows, are what that every Tom, Dick and Harry can use. Here is the list of few extra hidden Facebook smileys.

●  Facebook Shark ->  (^^^)
●  Facebook Red 42 -> :42:
●  Facebook Kiss ->  :-* or :*
● Chris Putnam -> :putnam:
● Facebook Penguin -> <(“)
● Facebook Robot -> ]

The above mentioned smileys are what you can use in both the chat and comments. There are a few hidden Facebook smileys that can be used in the chat box only. Here is the list of them.

● Spongebob ->  [[334954663181745]]
● Kerokerropi ->  [[252497564817075]]
● Pedo Bear ->   [[138529122927104]]
● Domo Kun ->  [[250128751720149]]
● Angry Bird ->  [[157680577671754]]
● Konata Izumi ->  [[249199828481201]]
● Shin Chan ->    [[196431117116365]]
● Gintoki Sakata  ->  [[223328504409723]]
● Pokeball ->    [[236147243124900]]
● Mojacko ->   [[144685078974802]]
●    Nobita ->     [[224502284290679]]

The above mentioned chat smileys- as you can see- are coded. These are not teh actual smileys but are the small images located behind these codes. Since Facebook chat supports these special codes, therefore when we insert any of code mentioned above, the image located behind it gets displayed. The FB comments don’t support these codes, therefore, you cannot use these coded images or smileys in the comments.

Extra Hidden Facebook Emoticons 

Emoticons are also formed by inserting special code in the chat box. Combination of many codes is used to form the emoticon. Each chat code displays the image located behind it. The combination of these small images form a meaningful image called ’emoticon’. Again, as we are working with codes, so the emoticons can be used in the FB chat only.

Gangnam Style Emoticon

Gangnam Style Emoticon


Cute Kitty

Cute Kitty

Middle Finger

Middle Finger


Teddy Bear with Flowers

Teddy Bear with Flowers







I Love You

I Love You


Coffee Smiley

Coffee Smiley


So it was the list of best hidden Facebook Smileys/Emoticons. Just copy the code and paste it in your Facebook chat. It’s as simple as a-b-c. Try these smileys/emoticons and enhance your experience on the social media giant ‘Facebook’.

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