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Some Days Ago, we have posted about 160by2 and way2sms for sending free sms anywhere in india via internet. There are many other free sms sites also available on internet. For free calling, no single site available on internet. Some VoIP services are available, but you have to pay for calling. But, now free calls to India possible via internet.


Fcall.in, is a new first and only one website which let you call anywhere in India for free. But, you could make call only upto 60 seconds. After registration, you will get 10 minutes to your account for free calling.

Fcall Account Registration

Before starting free calling, first you have to create an account with fcall. And don’t worry, account registration is also completely free.


In registration form, you have to give information like mobile number, date of birth, email address etc. After registration, they will send login details in your mobile number.

Fcall Login

Now move to homepage for login. Simply enter your mobile number and password from mobile inbox. You could change your password now.

Make Free Call with Fcall

From account  dashboard, click the “make a call” and enter mobile number whom you want to call. They will call on your mobile, just pick and call will be forwarded to destination number automatically.

I checked this service and found working fine. So, try fcall.in service and let us know how was your experience.

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