6 Easy Ways To Get Backlinks

To improve your search engine page ranking for your targeted keyword, you need to build backlinks for your blog. It is one of the important aspects of blogging, and is highly important to increase the organic traffic to your blog. Those who are not familiar with this term, a Backlink is link of site pointing to your site.

The search engines give it high importance while concluding the quality of any website. Well, if you are just writing posts on your blog, but are not working to build links for it, then you are surely missing one important task of blogging.

Oh! so you don’t even know that how you can build backlinks for your blog? This is pretty surprising point, but nothing to worry as I am sharing here the best ways to get backlinks to your blog.

1. Quality Content

First and foremost, the quality content helps in getting backlinks. If you publish useful articles on your blog, then other webmasters would like to link to your quality posts. This is the best and most genuine way of getting backlinks. This also works as motivation for you that other bloggers like your content and they are pointing to your blog. A reward for your hard work.

2. Guest Posting

This is best on going methods to get backlinks to your blog. Guest Posting is writing posts for other blogs to get backlinks. For this, your post should be of high quality so that it can impress webmaster of other blog, and can convince him/her to accept it for the backlink. You can ask the backlink anywhere in the article body, or can also get it in the Author Bio which is the most common way.

3. Commenting on other blogs 

Commenting on other blogs is not any tough task. But nowadays, as the count of spam comments is increasing day by day, so the webmasters are becoming very strict in approving the comments. Therefore make sure to comment on any post, after reading it wisely.

get backlinks

Also, don’t comment for the intention of getting backlink only, but make it look genuine. Come on, it does not cost you anything, just requires a few minutes of yours. Apart from backlinks, the commenting on other blogs result in good friendly relation with other bloggers.

Dofollow backlinks are more important to get better ranking on Google search. But, Its not easy to find doffollow blogs. So, I have created a list of  Dofollow Blogs  with high page rank for 2013.

Commenting on commentluv enabled blog is another good idea to build backlinks. We have also made a list of commentluv enabled blogs with high Page rank.

4. Backlinks from Social Media 

After Various Google Panda and Penguin updates, links from social media sites are given more importance. We have also created a list of High PR social bookmarking sites.

5. Submit blog to blog directory

There are many active directories where you can submit your blog to create backlinks. Never submit your website to low quality directories.

Here is List that I know:

1. Blogtopsites
2. Technorati
3. Ontoplist
4. Bloglog

6. Exchange Links with other bloggers

This is something that most bloggers call as negative SEO. Well, exchanging links with other bloggers is not a bad thing at all, but if you do it in high amount, then it surely is. If you madly keep exchanging links with other bloggers, then it could cause the negative reputation is eyes of search engines.

In that case, your backlink building task could make your blog disappear from the search results. Therefore you should not do it madly. Moreover, you should make sure that the blog with which you are sharing backlink, is on the niche relevant to that of yours.

These are the most common ways to get backlinks. Implement them right away.

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