Top 10 Mobile Plugins for WordPress Blog 2013

In the past some time, the mobile marketplace has grown tremendously.
Internet facility in the mobile phones is what is common to see. Due to
shortage of time in the busy world, many people surf the web from the mobiles,
while on the move. Therefore, for every web developer, it is highly necessary
to understand the value of mobile audience.

If you are one out of those many who are running their blog on WordPress,
then this article is meant for you. Here I am with the list of top 10 mobile
plugins for WordPress
. Check them out.

1. WordPressMobile Pack

Undoubtedly the best mobile plugin for WordPress blog. This plugin comes
with a number of tools that makes your blog mobile friendly. The mobile
switcher automatically detects the device and then selects the theme
accordingly. Moreover, this plugin allows you to write and edit posts on the

2. WordPressMobile Edition 

This one comes from the house of Crowd Favorite. The plugin is damn simple
to use. In fact, most of your work gets finished by installing the plugin.
Having this plugin installed on your WordPress blog, whenever any visitor
visits your blog from a mobile, he/she gets completely modified version of your
blog, the version that fits perfectly on the visitor’s mobile browser.

3. WPtouch 

With a huge no. of downloads, this plugin deserves to be listed in this list
of best mobile plugins for WordPress. WPtouch is a simple and elegant theme for
your website to help you engage with your mobile readers in a better way. Your
blog is optimized in the way that visitor does not face any difficulty in
navigation. If any visitor does not like the WPtouch view, then he/she can
switch to site’s regular view in no time.

4. MobilePress

Install this plugin on your WordPress blog and choose any particular theme
to display on your blog when being visited from any particular device or mobile
browser. It ensures the top-notch performance of your blog on mobile. It also
let the developers develop their own mobile WordPress themes.

5. WordPressMobile Admin 

As the name suggests, this plugin lets you access the WordPress admin area
on your mobile. The admin section that it opens, has all features that you get
in desktop dashboard of WordPress. You can write new posts, can edit the
previously written posts while on the go.

wordpress mobile plugins

6. WP MobileDetector

With the support for more than 5000 handsets, this mobile plugin is
undoubtedly stands among the best mobile plugins for WordPress. It
automatically detects the mobile of the visitor and is very powerful in
differentiating between standard mobile and an advanced mobile. After detecting
the mobile, this plugin makes your WordPress compatible with that it.

7. GoogleXML Sitemap for Mobile

As a blogger, you might know the value of sitemaps, right? This WordPress
plugin lets you create the sitemap with URLs that serve mobile web content.

8. AnyMobile Theme Switcher 

Install this plugin on your WordPress blog, and make it completely optimized
from mobiles by setting a different theme for different device. Just go to the
‘Settings’ section and choose which theme you want to use with which device or
mobile browser. Simple!

9. DudaMobile Website Builder

Yet another plugin that makes your WordPress blog mobile friendly. It
optimizes your WordPress blog to load perfectly on all smartphones and other
mobile phones. It works with Google Analytics and AdSense, and also comes with
free site analytics.

10. Mobile Smart

This plugin detects if a visitor is visiting your WordPress blog from a
mobile, and if it finds so, then it optimizes the blog for that visitor. Good
part about this plugin is that the visitor has always choice of manual
switching between desktop and mobile version of your WordPress blog.

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