Top 5 web browsers for Android and iOS

Today in the world of technology life is nothing without internet. To browse the web from your iPhone or any other android supported mobile phone you need to have a strong and quick web browser.

All these lines above might sound redundant because certainly almost no one of us has phones without the net connection. So, this article below is not about INTERNET and just browsing.

It is about Fast, Faster and the Fastest Browsing from our smart phones. This is not too much to demand from our expensive smart phones. This is not in hands of smart phones although. It is our choice of browser which is the key to quick browsing.

Although it is very difficult to rank top 5 browsers out of too many, after some good research below presented are today’s top 5 browsers for android phones and iOS.


This browser for Android and iOS platforms promises great speed and fast browsing and of course delivers it. It is running successfully on hundreds and thousands smart phones without any complaint. The Gestures and sidebars make it stand out from the rest of the browsers prevailing in the market.


It has the feature of subscription to various news feeds and blogs. It has the option for changing the themes. So, along with the speed, it has lot many options to grab on. All in all, it is a good choice to go for.


It is an ideal web browser. With it you can get great speed in terms of surfing and downloading both. It has Voice Control and Smart Gestures enabled in it. It is highly rated and has been the choice of millions of people because of Speed and Unique features it has.

uc browser

It has also been awarded with the Best Mobile Browser 2012 & 2011. It is also the most downloaded Android Browser on Google Play in India and a decent alternative to the default browser of iOS.


Its speed, efficient control and rawness puts it ahead of all other browsers. It is the king of all the browsers. It connects all the mobile internet users to each other as it is compatible with almost all the platforms.

opera for android

It includes all the basic requirements for surfing which we find on our desktops like homepage thumbs, bookmarks, Google Search Bar and a lot of advanced settings. This makes it very easy to use and the best part is that it’s completely free to install and use.


Chrome is also available for android phones. By simply signing in you can have your bookmarks, open tabs and Omnibox data from your system to phone (sync). It gives a wonderful experience having Chrome on all your devices especially if you are a Chrome diehard.

chrome for android

It offers easy switching between tabs, smooth navigation, simple options which make it user friendly and a lot more. You can download Chrome on your Android and iPhone(iOS 5.0 or later) quite easily.


Firefox is another cool browser for android and iOS devices. It has very fast user-interface. It saves data while browsing and automatically syncs your history and bookmarks. It has excellent sync capabilities with Firefox on desktop, supports latest web standards, tabbed browsing and add-ons.

firefox for android

In short it works well in terms of speed and features for Android. As far as iOS is concerned, this browser is yet to find its way to get started there.

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