Android KitKat from Close Quarters

Android has released its latest version the 4.4 (KitKat) which was bluntly dismissed by Majority of the people as a marketing attempt with the Chocolate Wafer maker Nestle. Google has once again proven the speculations wrong by giving the KitKat a serious and thoughtful upgrade. Kitkat is currently being shipped with only Nexus 5 which is priced in India at Rs 29,999. We will walk you through the major changes and tweaks under the hood in Android KitKat.

1. The Google Genie

It’s something very similar to the SIRI in iOS but yet has a Google touch to it. In Android KitKat you can use the Google search option by simply saying ‘Ok Google’ and voila the phone will execute the search and get back the relevant results. This task is exclusively handled by Snapdragon 800 thus it may not be included in entire Android phone range (Provided Google rolls out the update for the entire range!).

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2.  Full screen Immersive display

KitKat has fullscreeen rendering during app usage or while playing games, It means the status bar present in the previous Android versions which always used to linger on the top most part of the screen is a History. User will not be interrupted by any notification while in the app menu. User can revive the status bar by swiping on the screen similar to Windows 8.

3. NFC Mimicking
Android has emulated NFC (Near Field Communication) which means that Android Devices sans NFC chips running KitKat can read and write NFC. This is a very nice touch by Google but won’t be of much relevance as all the latest Android Devices are coming with NFC chips.

Android KitKat

4. Enhanced caller ID and dialer pad

It’s a natural human tendency to get frantic when they receive a call from an unknown number. KitKat has fixed this by running a Google search on the background and if the number is listed say as a local business, The caller id will display a relevant picture of the business along with the Business information. The dialer pad will also let the user search for businesses and services. Dialer menu also has a grouped dialer list that displays the most frequently contacted people.

5. Extended Hardware support

Google has claimed that it has solved the memory fragmentation problem which used to haunt the developers as they had to develop the app in such a way that it supports variety of hardware’s. Google has stated in a press release that it wants all the Android phones to run on KitKat as it can support phones with RAM as little as 512MB.

6. Excellent Messaging Integration

KitKat has brought with it Hangout v2.0 .In this version hangout effortlessly integrates all the third party messaging and Chat apps along with native SMS. It’s a very innovative feature as all the conversations will be stored in a single hub and user can also select the default app to reply to the messages. It’s pretty much similar to i sms in iOS.

7. Pedometer Sensor

Google is bracing up for the battle with iOS. Pedometer sensor essentially counts the steps that the person walks. Pedometer will be appreciated by the huge following of health junkies who can use their Android phones as primary pedometers.

8. Better Connectivity Options

IR sensors have made a re-entry via the KitKat update. Android has IR blasters which can be configured to remotely control devices like TV, AC, Blu-ray players at the comfort of our fingertips. KitKat also offers great support for wireless printing from the device with its latest API which allows the user to setup their page in the phone itself.

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