The CIW Web Design Professional Certification — For Advance Level Blogging

The CIW Web Design Specialist Certification course is offered to the candidates, students, bloggers and web developer who want to develop strong skills for web designing and e-commerce. The certification tends to provide validation to the practical knowledge and skills of the regarding the web designing e-commerce and its related techniques.

The certification targets the authoring skills of the individuals in learning the essentials and some of the best practices of web designing, including the design theory, its tools and technologies along with the skills of e-commerce. The CIW Web Design Professional certification can be obtained by passing the two different certification and its exams:

  • The CIW Web Design Specialist (exam IDO-520)
  • The CIW E-commerce Specialist (exam IDO-525)

Passing these two certification exams will provide the candidates with the CIW Wed Design Professional Certification, and they will also be awarded with the certification credential individually for each of them.

The Targeted Audiences of the certification

This professional and advanced level of certification is especially designed to provide the individuals with the basic to advanced level of web designing technologies. It targeted audiences are as follows:

    CIW Web Design

  • Web and graphic designers
  • Web marketing professionals
  • Creative directors
  • Art directors
  • Advertising professionals

Pre-requisites of the CIW Web design Professional certification

The candidates of this certification must possess a sound understanding of the Internet functionality, its tools, technologies and the X/HTML. But no other certification or course is required for taking this professional level certification.

Certification exam codes and other information

In order to attain the CIW Web design professional certification, the candidates have to pass two certification exam of Web Design Specialist (CS 6) and the code of this exam is IDO-520 and the CIW E-commerce Strategies and practices and its code is IDO-525. Both these exam courses are required to take by the candidates for getting the certification.

Study material for the certification exams

The CIW is itself offering the complete course outline for each of the certification exam, the exam objectives, content and topics are also discussed in detail. The candidates can visit the site of CIW and can download and access all the related study material and course outline of the both certification exams.

 Moreover, the CIW also focuses to provide the candidates with self-study kits and online learning facilities. Those individual who are looking for study material, exam questions and practice tests to test their knowledge, Selftest training is the best and recommended way for preparing the CIW Web Design Professional Certification.

Importance of the CIW Web Design Professional Certification

The demand for the certified professionals in the practical field of web designing is increasing and the top employers prefer the candidates with CIW Web designing professional certification. The knowledge of web designing with the basic skills of e-commerce can provide the professionals with a very rewarding career path.

They can validate their web designing and e-commerce skills and practical knowledge and can enjoy better and enhanced employment opportunities. This professional advanced level of certification can provide the individuals with two important certification credential in web designing and e-commerce. So, the individuals with this certification have many job roles to adopt.

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