How to Determine the Best Restaurant in Your Area

For the particularly serious food enthusiasts and restaurant lovers, determining the best in your locality might be an interesting and rewarding experience. It saves one the embarrassment of taking one’s friends out on a dinner treat and getting subs standard service from a restaurants in your area. If you care that much for your food, then plan ahead and find out which one stands apart. We have here a brief algorithm on how this can be done.

foodpandaView the Menu Online

View the menu of the restaurant. If it is a restaurant worth going to in the twenty first century, it would most certainly have a website with a menu in it. In case it doesn’t, you can always rely on third party delivery websites that store the menu cards of hundreds of restaurants for delivery purposes.

An ideal Foodpanda menu is one that has an ideal mix of healthy, easy on the stomach food and rich food. Also, while the cuisine of the restaurant can be theme-based, a good restaurant always contains some extra items on the menu compared to others. If the restaurant has innovatively designed dishes aimed at giving the customer a true taste of the cuisine it specializes in, it is probably one worth trying out.

Check out the reviews

Google the restaurant and check out what the other people in your locality think of the service. There will always be the odd negative review going ape on the restaurant’s “horrible” service and urging viewers to stay clear of it, but remember that reviews posted anonymously can be defamatory and can be written by competitive local restaurants in the area. Hence, go by the general direction the reviews head to.
If the majority of reviews of the restaurant are positive, then it is probably worth investing on it.

Make a test order.

order foodThe next step is to order food from the restaurant you selected. This is preferably done online as it involves the least amount of hassle. Once the food arrives, keep an eye out for three things. First, would be the amount of time taken for food to be delivered. If the delivery takes too long, then chances are that the service of the restaurant is not up to the mark.

Secondly, check out for the quantity of food offered for the money taken. It is not always a good idea to judge the price of a restaurant simply by cooking at the menu. You ought to first take a sample order and check if the money was worth spending. If the quality, the quantity or the price seems unfit, then rethink.

Pay it a visit

The last step to your restaurant selection is to pay the selected restaurant a visit. This would give you an experience of the staff, the ambience, the quality of service on site, probably a view of the cooking area to determine the hygiene, and you have every possible scrutiny to determine your perfect restaurant in the area.

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