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We’re living in a digital world, where everything is available online, which is why it’s even more critical than ever before for companies to have a professional website to showcase their business. While it is common practice to outsource the website design to graphic designers and then the development stage to developers, it can get tricky to manage multiple freelancers, multiple parties and messages can get lost in translation, let alone budget.

While also the maintenance of your website can also get costly, both designers and companies are on the lookout for more professional platforms and budget saving options. To overcome up-hill battle, Webydo, the leading professional web design platform is providing web and graphic designers to not only unleash their creativity, but also be able to manage multiple client websites while using a well-stocked design studio, and doing this all code-free.

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 Brief Industry Analysis

It has been found out that 74% of the websites created in a year, are built through code writing for static designs. It’s an old-fashioned method, and takes a lot of time. It is mainly because; the majority of the website builders available are not meeting the standards of professional designers, due to their back-dated software and technology.


In addition, only 3% of websites published are luck luster in their design and being created on B2C DIY website creators by amateurs. On top of all of this, 70% of any design budget is put towards the developers who are going about producing websites the old fashioned way, and leaving designers with only 30%. Why create a website the old way when you can do it with Webydo?

What has Webydo to offer?

Webydo is revolutionizing the way that designers are creating, publishing, and managing their client’s websites. This professional website builder has been created especially for designers. It is thus quite an established and efficient online platform, which has only increased the convenience of web designers.

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Since it generates cross-device responsive HTML codes for every design done by the designer, it opens a portal for designers to explore their creativity. Its usage is quite similar to that of Photoshop, and the best part is that, one can avoid wasting time and energy in manually writing code. Since, independent and hassle-free working is guaranteed, thousands of web designers around the world, have chosen this web builder.

The Webydo Full Package

Webydo offers Free and Premium accounts. Unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, a plethora of video tutorials in the knowledge base, access to all of the professional design elements and new features are available in across all accounts, so that web designers are able to come up with the most amazing website that would do complete justice to the company and its marketability.

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The Free account is limited to 1GB of storage, publishing on a Webydo sub domain and up to 15 pages of creation. The Premium package is available for $7.9/ month when billed annually or $9.9/ month when billed bi-annually and allows for unlimited page creation, 2GB of storage, and hosting on a custom domain.

Amazing features of Webydo

Unlike other design software’s, Webydo is hosted on a cloud server and can be accessed through your web browser at any time. Webydo offers built in cross-platform and cross-browser methods, makes it easy to create a responsive website and that completely compatible with HTML.

 There is also a built-in CMS, so that the website owner is able to keep track of the updates that are going on. Some other professional features include the option to send invoices to clients with the Bill Your Client feature, and rebrand the platform with the Build Your Brand feature by adding your logo right into the CMS.

Finally, we must mention the Participate page and over 50K professional web designers who are using Webydo and helping shape the future of this incredible platform. Webydo encourages their designers to add their suggestions and vote on what should be added next so that they have everything they need in order to create a pixel perfect website.

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Web designers who have yet not thought about it, and are still holding on to primitive methods of manual coding, should quickly get on with it. It is everything that a new-age designer would want and like. Professional web designer have got simpler with Webydo.

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