The Best 5 Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Information stored in the form of documents, pictures, statistics and other forms are valuable soft assets for an organization or an individual. However, intentionally or unintentionally, this data get deleted from the hard disk on account of crashing of hard drive, data corruption, hard disk formatting or accidental deletion.

Data recovery software can be of great help in unfortunate situations of data losses. An updated version of the data recovery software provides an excellent chance of recovering the recently deleted or lost file. The top 5 hard drive data recovery software have been listed down below for your reference:

1)    Recuva: this is one of the freely available hard drive data recovery software that works effectively on Windows and Vista operating system. This easily downloadable application provides for easy recovery of files lost on account of power fluctuations, accidental deletion, virus attack and formatting.

Recuva also aids in recovery of MP3 and other data files from digital camera cards and is extremely user-friendly and smooth to use. One of the drawbacks is that it may not recover some type of data effectively on account of being a free version.

2)    Undelete 360: this is another free hard drive recovery software available online that runs on Windows 7/2003/XP/2000 and Vista operating systems. This application stands out from the rest with features such as voluminous data recovery capacity from recycle bin, recovery of data deleted on account of accidental usage of shift + delete keys and recovery of data from USB flash drives, external storage devices and digital cameras. Undelete 360 is fast and is equipped with search filters, file wiping and is absolutely free. However, the stability of the software is not so strong that users often can not scan out the lost data.

Data Recovery Software

3)    Wondershare Data Recovery: one of the most advanced hard drive data recovery software is the wondershare data recovery software. This application provides the user with an enhanced capacity of recovering over 400 types of data file formats. The software enables complete data recovery from hard drive, digital cameras, flash drives, iPods, MP3/MP4 players, and other storage devices.

The simple to use application provides an opportunity to preview and choose data files before restoring, retrieves data with minimum damage and available at a minimum investment of $39.95. Users can download the windows or Mac version based on the operating system in use.

4)    Recover My Files: this is an advanced hard drive recovery software that enables the users to preview and choose the deleted data before retrieving the same. This software runs effectively on Windows and Vista operating system. This data recovery software is available for $69.95 and provides for recovery of all types of data without any restriction. The only problem is that users can not search all and sometimes it’s hard to search for the item users need.

5)    Stellar Phoenix: users who have lost the entire folders and directories can effectively recover the same through the use of Stellar Phoenix hard drive recovery software. The data lost irrespective of system failure or accidental deletion, can be recovered with great ease through this software.

Stellar Phoenix enables the users to recover music, images, documents and other file formats quickly and effectively. But it has three versions, home version, professional version and technician version. Different version will have some limitations and if you want the final solution, it will cost $299.

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