iPhone Spy Software: A Perfect Deal to A Safe Future

All of you need iPhones for multiple purposes. Children and employees are no exception to it. An iPhone allows children to get exposed to the latest technological developments in the world. Smartphones are not bad itself but it’s the use which makes it bad or good for people.

Parents may not want to offer iPhones to their kids fearing they will waste their time on useless things such as games and using applications all the time. Employees can also be involved in carrying out personal tasks other than the professional assignments. But now you can monitor their online activities by using iPhone spy software.

Should You be Monitoring?

The app store of iPhone is full of free attractive applications and games that children cannot help playing these games and apps. In this way, they can waste a lot of their precious time, which should rather be spent upon studying or carrying out some other creative or constructive task. Similarly, employers can also divert their focus from professional tasks to personal and recreational activities on their iPhones. It will obviously affect the organizational growth negatively. So monitoring is essential in order to maintain a balance in iPhone usage.

iPhone Spy Software

Picking the Best Available Monitoring App

One of my friends advised me to consider StealthGenie as its features are quite awesome. It offers three packages. The prices of basic, gold and platinum packages are $8, $13 and $16. All iPhone versions till iOS 7 are supported with this iPhone Spy Software. Following properties is available in StealthGenie:

  • Accessing emails
  • Reading SMS logs and call history
  • Trigger alerts (Geo-fencing will allow you to define your safe and danger zones and notify you through trigger alerts upon the entry of the target user into these zones)
  • Geo-location feature will give the position of your subject
  • Geo-tracking offers the route to the current position of your subject
  • Web browsing history
  • Through live surrounding feature, you will be able to listen to the voice around the target iPhone
  • Deleted data can also be seen
  • Contact details
  • Details about iMs such as WhatsApp, Viber and Skype)
  • Installing StealthGenie

One time installation will be required into the iPhone of the target user, which could be employee or kid. StealthGenie will not be present in the app list of the target user as it works only in the background. So your kids and employees will never realize about the presence of monitoring application in their iPhones.

With all the above features in StealthGenie iPhone spy software, I am quite able to control the online activities of my kids and employees. Just go for it. You will not be disappointed.

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