How to Make a successful web site with 1&1

When you decide to make your own website with 1&1, it is necessary and essential to get traffic to your website so as to increase your business. As we all know website are made to increase business online. You know, there is a non stopping competition in businesses online; therefore you have to know how to make your website more popular than others.  The following are tips on how to make your website with 1&1 more popular online.

Best layout and design

This is the first step you must take; website must have a good balanced layout with correct design and color combination. It should also be readable with easy navigation and fonts used must be simple and of appropriate sizes. The best thing you can do is to get a professional web designer to create your website. For the reason that, they have skills and you can even discuss what you want and your designer can also give ideas.

your own website with 1&1PPC marketing

Pay per click marketing is most popular way to bring paid traffic to your website with 1&1, you can spend little, but there is alternative of Google Ads which limits the cost daily as per your budget. So this is the other step you should agree on when you make website.

Make quality content

This another essential factor when making website, for it is important if you need traffic through search engines. Search engines such as yahoo, Google as well as Bing emphasizes on quality but not quantity, therefore the contents must always be unique and creative. Also your website should give practical answers and solution to the reader. Furthermore, you must understand how to aim people’s desires and needs in your website to make it popular.


Well, you should publicize your website through social media networking sites such as twitter, face book, Google, and several others. Also you can insert links from social media website like stumble upon, Red it, linked in etc to make people follow your website. You can also add email marketing through database and email to your contact.

Standard update

Finally, is good to enhance the number of pages and posting new contents. It is essential to revise and get constant amendments to the matter of the earlier pages. This is needed since Google and additional search engines offer less value to pages that are older and fusty without modification.

Search engine optimization

SEO is a way of making your website rank increase by selecting keyword through set of policy which are to be modified. As the majority of the traffic a website gets is through SEO, this is the most significant thing for a new website to become well-liked and get traffic.

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