System folder customizer Full Review

We being humans always look for shortcuts for accomplishing tasks in every manner. Not to say we look for the same in operating systems too. The shortcut icons do save us a lot of time as it reduces the no of clicks that needs to be made, while transitioning from one position to another.

Comes to the rescue the System Folder Customizer software, which helps to add special folders and apps to this PC/Computer folder.

The software is pretty easy to use, you just need to download the software from The Windows Club website here and run it in administrator mode. The software was so craftily designed by Paras Sidhu one of the contributors of the windows club that it takes care of all the rest.

To add the items simply check the boxes and click on save changes, and to remove the items simply uncheck the boxes and click on save changes. That should take care of the changes made.

In below here we are going to show a snapshot of the software for a quick view of yours which should help you in gliding through the software.


Once some of the folders have been added, it looks like below in the libraries.


And as below in the computer folder:

system folder

The best part of the software is it also allows you to add software even in the desktop, which is just an added feature and it looks like below.

system folder customizer

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please feel free to share with The Windows Club.

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