A Beginner’s Guide To Online Marketing

The world of online marketing is a tricky place. There is a complex web of best practices and intricate details. But, we thought we’d take it back to the basics for a second. Often, marketers implement techniques without looking at the bigger picture. So, this post is all about the big picture. It’s all about making sure your online marketing works together, as one. Let’s take a look.

Website – Your website should be the core of your online marketing strategy. It is the sun in your web marketing solar system. All the other aspects should revolve around it. Before you build the website, define the purpose of the site. If it’s sales, make it all about selling. If it’s articles and information, highlight and build for this.

SEO – Search engine optimisation is one of your most important tactics. Yet, it is one of the less understood aspects of web marketing. Personally, we suggest bringing a web marketing agency on board for your SEO needs. Essentially, it’s a range of techniques that improve your presence on Google and other search engines.

Social media – You’re probably already a member of multiple social media accounts. They’re great for keeping up with friends and following news. But, they’re also vital for business. Social media helps you grow a community of loyal customers and clients. You can interact with them on a daily basis to become a better company.

Advertising – Using the internet for advertising is incredibly powerful. Contrary to traditional advertising you can reach out to your audience with precision. You can target certain likes, dislikes and demographic information. You can advertise on social media, Google or even through a custom mobile app. One fantastic new technique is “retargeting”. Retargeting is the process of serving ads to those who have showed interest in your business in the past.

Design and copy – It”s important to take your time over your design and copy. It is the essence of your online branding. Don’t just think of it in terms of a pretty website. Think about the how it is presenting your brand across all aspects of your web presence. Your design and copy should come to represent you on your website and all other platforms.

Email – Technology moves at hyperspeed, with new inventions arriving every day. However, one thing has stood the test of internet time: email. Email marketing is still the most direct way to connect with your customers and users. Collect their email addresses and send targeted, informative email blasts.

YouTube – Finally, it’s worth mentioning YouTube, because so many marketers forget about this platform. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. It’s also one of the most active social media platforms. Video content is essential in today’s digital world, make sure you are harnessing its power.

We could write an entire ebook on each one of these aspects. Perhaps one day we will. Until then, research them thoroughly and master each of them. However, never forget the bigger picture. Don’t forget how they work together as part of a wider strategy. Good luck!


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