How To Get Started in Business Online

As a budding entrepreneur, your head may be full of exciting ideas to launch your business. You may be looking to start small, but how small is too small? Should you throw money at your new business before you have the customer base to support it? We all know it takes money to make money, but these days most entrepreneurs are very cautious about spending too much money on a startup. The need to minimise the risk and push for a return on their investment.

If you are looking to start up, you will need a website. This is regardless of whether you choose to sell exclusively online or if you operate within a retail environment too. It is very important you start by looking at how good Ecommerce websites work. Simply put, visit the websites you shop at the most. Are you happy with the look and design of the page? Is there adequate product information? Is it easy and secure to check out?

These are all considerations for your site that a professional team will need to help you with. You may also want to consider writing a blog on your website. Topics should be relevant to your products or services. You may want to include ‘How To’ instructional videos to demonstrate your products in use. These can be linked to YouTube quite easily. With enough clicks, you may even be able to sell advertising space .

Of course, all these things take time and human resources to implement. You may choose to outsource, but this will add to your start up costs. Instead, try to allocate thirty or forty minutes a day to adding content to your website. Building an online presence is key to increasing your online sales. You may choose to market your business actively online. But there are several ways to increase traffic without paying any money.

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Use FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram frequently to detail any offers and events you have on. All social media is useful, so don’t be afraid to experiment with other providers too. Join other groups that share an interest in your product offering. It does take some time to build up your online store, but once you have it established, you can start to increase visitors and sales. Your conversion from visitor to check out should also improve in time as you become more established.

This can be done through search engine optimisation. Use keywords that are most relevant to your product offering. Preempt customer questions by providing FAQ pages and good product details. Make the checkout process quick and simple and secure. You will need a cash injection to launch your online store, but you don’t need to spend substantial sums.

Do invest in a good website designer, so your pages are slick, stylish, practical and easy to read. You will also need to determine how you will provide customer service. This may be done entirely online, but can you afford to provide a live chat service? Do you have the staff to man a hotline? Usually, a prompt email response is adequate for most customers, so be sure you are available during business hours. Happy trading.

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