Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make About SEO

If there is a centre of the internet marketing world, it’s almost certainly SEO. However, it’s also true to say that there is no marketing term that is more widely misunderstood. Except perhaps augmented reality and that’s nowhere near as awesome as it sounds. Most business owners probably have some form of knowledge about what SEO is and how to use it. But do any full understand it? We’d argue not or else the people who provide it as a service would be out of a job. So, before we go into the common misconceptions, we should quickly examine what is SEO is.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you think about when you search for something online, you’ll know you don’t usually type in a domain name. Instead, you’ll type a keyword or phrase into a search engine. You’ll then scroll through a couple of the million results that appear. You probably won’t even both going past the first page. Some people won’t go any further than the sponsored links. SEO will make sure your business appears on the first page or couple of pages. If you think of the internet like a grid of roads SEO provides the signs that get customers to your location. Or, more specifically, your website. Now you know what it is, here are some of the mistakes and fallacies to avoid.

It’s So Simple A Monkey With A Laptop Could Do It

No, afraid not. Even in it’s simplest form SEO is quite a complex process. In it’s simplest form we just mean using the right keywords. After all if you use the keywords as much as you can on the site, you’ll be found right? Again, probably not. But let’s assume for a minute that would work. You’ll have to be careful that those keywords are used naturally. As well as this, you need to know how to use headlines that sync to SEO. Remember the good old who, what, where and why, from English lessons? That’s all you need in your headlines, and you’re guaranteed to boost your SEO. At least a little. But, surely you realise if SEO was that simple everyone would be able to do it, and therefore, no one would have it.

Mistakes Business Owners Make About SEO

SEO Is Just Keywords And Links

Ah, well it isn’t you see. SEO is actually made up of a whole bunch of different things. For instance, you may be quite good at using social media to boost your profile. We certainly hope so because if you are, you’ll see your search ranking online increase. The more information you get shared, the higher your site will be. We hasten to add this means you should be using the dreaded and annoying hashtag. Statistically using hashtags have been proven to increase the chance of shares. So, #smarttip we suppose.

SEO Is Free!

Well, it could be and this type of SEO is called organic. It’s a nice way of saying you haven’t paid for it. But, we wouldn’t expect you to see great effects because most companies are paying. They’re getting the professional SEO service. You can read more about this on Investing in a professional service is recommended. DIY SEO might get you on page ten, but a professional will get you at the top of page 1. Don’t expect many users to be patient enough to find you on page ten.

SEO Is All I Need

Sorry, guess again. You can use SEO with great effect certainly. You’ll get more traffic to your site, and that’s an advantage. But, it’s not the end of the story because you have to think about what happens next. Do they stay on your site or do they move on? This brings us to things like CRO. CRO stands for conversion rate optimization and is just a fancy term for turning viewers into customers. You need to make sure your site is attractive, or they won’t commit to a purchase and your SEO will be quite useless. Have a look at for some key information. 

White Label SEO Is An Awesome company!

Have you heard of White Label SEO? It’s the bee’s knees for a professional service. Except it isn’t because it doesn’t exist. You might have heard the phrase White Label, and believed it’s a business. But it’s actually just a description. Some SEO companies use outsourcing, and that’s exactly what white label is. Most of your SEO service won’t be completed by the company you’re dealing with, and you’ll never know.

We hope we’ve made SEO a lot clearer for you. Remember SEO, is essential to your business. But you will need other forms of marketing as well.

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