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Whenever you are starting a new website or blog, or if you are signing up for a new website, you must be looking for easy, creative, easily memorable as well as catchy names. But very few of them are successful and many times you would land up with a boring name that you can’t even change later.So to prevent you from such a disaster, websites like SpinXO enter and assist you in deciding the good name that you can use as your username, blog name, or website name etc.

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With the help SpinXO users can generate hundreds of creative as well as cool usernames with just few mouse clicks. All the user has to do is to click on the “Spin” button present on the website and the name generator will come up with many name suggestions from which you can choose the one you like. In case you do not like any name offered by generator, you can spin it again for new words.

Spinxo naming tool

For generating the names users can also enter few of their details so that the names are generated related to the information they have entered.

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The spinner asks for the users name or nickname, what he is like, his hobbies, things that the user likes, any important words to enter as well as any numbers that the user would like to include in the name.

After that the names are generated based upon all these entries and the user can click on the names to check their availability at that moment only.

So no doubt SpinXO can save a lot of your time as well as effort to search for new and interesting names and with the help of SpinXO you can generate your Username, YouTube name, Instagram names, Twitter names, Tumblr names, as well as Kik names etc.

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