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If you are starting your Own blog or Website, picking up the perfect name is one of the most crucial thing you must keep in mind. You blog or site must have a name which is easy as well as creative enough to capture the eyes of the people and could be easily remembered by all so that they can even recommend it to others easily.There are certain rules that you can follow while choosing a creative blog names. You should choose a name which should consist of two main characteristics: it should be catchy and short.

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The main problem that arises here is that most of the good and short names we could think of are already taken up by some or the other websites. So it becomes very hard to come up with an exact name that can reflect the purpose of your website and is also easily memorable. This is the point where excellent websites like Wordoid comes for our rescue.

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Wordoid is a website which is going to help you in finding the creative names for your blog. The website also gives the user options to select the language in which he or she wants his website name to be. Along with that the user can also choose the quality of the name from high, medium and low.

The higher is the quality of the name, the more it will resemble with the natural words of the selected language.

You can also choose the pattern in which you want your website or blog name to be in.

With the help of this option you can make your blog name to begin with or end with some letter of your choice. You can also choose “containing” option to ensure that your name contains a particular letter or letters in it. Check out wordoid and leave your views about this tool.


Link: wordoid.com

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