3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs To Use Social Media

It’s no secret that the world of business is competitive. Even more so when you’re setting up your own business. But with the help of social media, small startup companies throughout the world are finding immense success.

The benefits of using social media to aid your business are endless. You can use it to promote your products, gain an international following and improve your market intelligence to name but a few. If you’re still unsure how social media can aid your brand new business, here are some further reasons that might just convince you.

1. It can give you instant feedback

While traditional methods such as questionnaires are great, social media gives you instant feedback. So if you post an image of a product you are going to sell, you can find out within a few moments what your customers think about it. This is a brilliant piece of insight that will help your startup develop and grow.

For instance, if you gain positive feedback from multiple customers, you know what you have chosen something they need and like. Whereas if you have negative feedback, you can rethink your future choices and know what to avoid. Regardless of what their comments say, you now know what you need to do to proceed and stay relevant to your customer base.

2. It allows you to reach a wider audience

Before social media, it would take businesses a long time to network and promote their products. But now startup businesses to reach potential customers in local areas and foreign countries with a few clicks of a button. You don’t have to limit yourself to only selling your products to people within your own country.

You can use hashtags, geo-search and social media marketing packages to promote your products to right people. Therefore increasing your popularity and sales. Word of mouth online can also be done through competitions where followers like and share your images to win a prize. This acts as free and valuable promotion that will spread throughout the social media sites and help you capture an active audience.

3. It lets you keep track of your competition

As previously said, business is competitive and if you want to succeed you alway need to be one step ahead. You can take a look at your direct competitors social media sites and keep an eye on what they are doing well. They may have a product that is selling well or a gap in their available services that you could fill. You can also look at how they market their goods and services to see if you could do it any better. This intelligence will help you make more informed business decisions and create strategies to stay ahead.

Hopefully, these reasons will have convinced you as to why social media can be beneficial to your startup. Especially in the early stages when you need to drum up business and interest. Even if you just use it to find out more about your target audience, it will help your business develop.

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