How to Use Technology To Make Your Business Safe & Secure

Technology can be very helpful to business owners in 2016. Amongst other benefits, it’s great for keeping your business safe & secure. How can tech do this? Have a read of the points below:

Use Advanced Door Locks

Locking your doors with a key, or a classic bolt lock used to be a great idea. Well, it used to be the only idea. You had nothing else to choose from. Now, there are advanced door locks that can keep your business premises safe. Things like keypad locks are highly popular in offices these days. Instead of using a key, you have to input a code for the door to unlock.

Only people that know that code will get through the door. You can take things a step further and install locks that use palm/fingerprint recognition. Obviously, this type of technology costs money, and it would be foolish to have it on every door.

Instead, you should consider using it on important doors. For example, the door to the owner’s personal office, or the door to your data server room. Either way, using advanced door locks is a splendid idea.

Use Motion Sensor Security

Your business is most at risk when everyone has gone home, and it’s empty. This is prime time for criminals to try and break in. One way you can keep them at bay is by using motion sensor security. Set up some motion detectors inside your premises.

 Use Technology To Make Your Business Safe & Secure

If they detect any movement at suspicious hours, they’ll sound the alarm. This will startle any burglars and get them running away. It can also send a notification to the police alerting them of the break in.

Use Cloud Services To Secure Business Data

It’s not just your office security that you have to worry about. A real concern for modern business owners is keeping their data safe and secure. In years gone by, you could get away with storing all your data in physical files. You’d lock them away in a cabinet, and they’d be safe.

But, obviously, if someone breaks in and takes the cabinet, they’ve got all your data, and it’s gone forever. So, technology advanced, and we became able to store things in folders on a computer. This was great until hackers came along. People can hack your network and access your data with ease. Plus, if your computer breaks, all that data is gone.

Nowadays, the cloud is here to save us all. By using a cloud computing provider, like TierPoint, you can safely secure your data. If you store things on the cloud, it means they’re backed up to a safe place. It also means hackers will have a hard time accessing it. Another example of how technology can keep your business safe and secure.

I’ve given you three examples of how tech can make your business a safer place. Of course, there are other examples out there too. The important thing to remember is that technology is your friend. Use it in your business to reap the benefits.

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