Rankraft Digital Media: Best Social Media Marketing Service Provider in 2019

As per the Statistica report, the number of social media users globally is predicted to increase to around 3.02 billion active users per month until 2021. This contributes to one-third of the world’s entire population. Therefore, it’s obvious that social media is engaging the majority of the world’s crowd.

It means if you are a business owner who is not focusing on building a strong brand presence on social media, your customers already are or soon will be switching to your competitors.

This fact might seem to be exciting you, as a modern-day business owner. Many of you might have not taken social media presence seriously, but it’s the actual time to think about it.

When it comes to social media, most brands face the problem of finding the way in which one can take advantage of it. There’s a lot of information on the internet that will make you overloaded. You might have become flooded with the excess of tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies.

There are various online marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other platforms plus videos, blogs, etc. today. But brands are struggling to guess the most profitable social media strategy to use for their business.

Rankraft Digital Media_ Best Social Media Marketing Service Provider in 2019

Digital marketing agencies make your work easy when it comes to social media. So, don’t miss to check the review of the best digital marketing agency of 2019.

Rankraft – The Best Digital Media

Rankraft is the best digital media of 2019 that helps in the digital marketing of your project. They have a team of experts creates a marketing plan for your project and then works on it accordingly after your approval. They ensure that their plan succeeds in building your brand.

They offer a wide range of digital marketing services such as
professional seo services, social media marketing, paid ad campaign, email marketing, content writing, graphic designing, web analytics, etc.

Let’s check their social media marketing service in this article.

Rankraft helps in making people famous and brands popular. They manage the top performing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Two types of social media marketing service are offered by them:

Social Media Optimization: This includes creating stunning and relevant banners, posts, messages, etc. that support your products. The posts created by their designers are so perfect that you don’t need to check them again and again. They make your business stand out by using unique ideas and images for your posts. Content such as blogs, articles and posts for the campaign is all looked after by their team.

Social Media Promotion: If you already have a designer or can design your posts and use your own descriptions then there is an option to select the social media promotion. So, if you opt for this service, they will publish your posts to your target audience that will help in generating sales for your business. Social media promotion is key for your brand promotion.

Basically, the motive of both the services is to drive traffic to your business for increasing your ROI. When the ad performance gets improved, it will ultimately generate leads and sales.

Why Select Rankraft?

Discussion About the Project: After giving them the authority of social media marketing for your business, you can just relax as you have selected the safest partner. Firstly, they study your business to get the in-depth of your business. Then there’s a discussion about the project within their experts on the scope of improvement and redesigning or the steps to build a completely new project. This helps in keeping both you and them on the same track.

Research: Then systematic research about your project is done by studying your niche and getting the raw materials required. The latest updates about your niche are checked so that your project stays updated while launching it. Even the company’s goal, vision, and mission are reviews for finding the internal and external content.

Content Creation: Next, enough material from their research is collected so that they can start creating content. When the plan gets ready, work is started accordingly. You will find them writing phrases, creating posts and descriptions and creating info-graphics if needed.

Approval: The complete rough work related to the content and posts are shared with you so that you get an idea about their work on the digital platform. Then it depends on you whether to approve or disapprove their work. If you approve, they will proceed with their further work.

Content Sharing: The content created by them is then shared on different social media platforms among your target as well as an interested audience. The content can be in the form of images, messages or other posts.

Analyze the Result: When the campaign is launched or a post is made life, the team keeps a track on it for some days. For example, they check for interested people, click-through rate, impressions, etc. After this analysis only, your next post is created for the engagement of your audience.


Social media users are increasing day-by-day. Therefore, it is important for your business to reach to your target audience in less time. It is social media marketing that helps in making your business popular. So, focus on social media marketing of your business with Rankraft.

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